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Regulamin | Wystawa Napoleon Bonaparte
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General terms and conditions

  1. The General Terms and Conditions apply to the “NAPOLEON BONAPARTE” exhibition held in Warsaw, in Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Pl. Defilad 1, from 20.04.2018 until 30.06.2018, hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibition”.
  2. The exhibition is organized by FUNDACJA I LOVE STAGE, with its registered office in Warsaw, 00-707, ul. Wasiutyńskiego 3, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.
  3. Entrance to the Exhibition area is against payment and possible only on the presentation of a valid ticket or ID card issued by the Organizer. The ticket price list is available in the ticket office and at website www.wystawanapoleon.pl
  4. Persons who are under age may enter the Exhibition only if accompanied by adults. The Exhibition staff may ask a Visitor to show an ID document with a photo in order to establish the Visitor’s age.
  5. The entrance ticket is valid only for the date and hour indicated on it. A Visitor with
    a ticket issued for one hour earlier or later may enter the Exhibition area, if the current number of visitors allows for that.
  6. The Exhibition staff are entitled to withhold entry to the Exhibition, if at a specific time the number of visitors exceeds the maximum limit. In such a case, a Visitor may wait until he//she can enter the Exhibition or replace the ticket in the ticket box for a different hour/date.
  7. The ticket is of single use, which means that once a Visitor passes the gates, he/she cannot re-enter the Exhibition using the same ticket.
  8. Visitors are obliged to keep the ticket until they leave the Exhibition.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to take photos and videos in the exhibition area. Only persons accredited by the Organizer, holding special ID cards issued by the latter are authorized to take photos.
  10. Visitors are obliged to leave their coats, handbags, rucksacks and other luggage in the cloakroom, except for handbags with maximum dimensions of 30 cm x 40 cm.
  11. It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects and substances to the Exhibition area, including knives, weapon, ammunition, explosives, telescope batons. If there is any reason to suspect that a person entering the Exhibition brings or has on him/her any dangerous objects, the Exhibition staff have a right to perform a rub-down search and check the contents of the person’s handbag, rucksack and luggage, as well as his/her identity. In justified cases the staff may ask the person to leave the Exhibition.
  12. Visitors should follow the remarks and instructions of the Exhibition staff.
  13. Any failures, defects and damage must be immediately reported to the Exhibition staff.
  14. Voluntary entrance to the Exhibition area shall be tantamount to accepting all of these General Terms and Conditions, and giving a consent to processing of personal data provided voluntarily during registration for the Organizer’s marketing purposes.
  15. Person with food and beverages in containers without tight caps will not be allowed to enter the Exhibition area.
  16. It is forbidden to smoke, eat and drink in the Exhibition area.
  17. Animals are not allowed in the Exhibition area.
  18. Visitors with pushchairs will not be allowed to enter the Exhibition area.
  19. Persons who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other intoxicating substances will not be allowed to enter the Exhibition.
  20. Guardians of persons who are under age shall be responsible for the behaviour of their charges and for any damage caused by them.
  21. Neither the Organizer, nor its staff or subcontractors shall bear responsibility for any chance or health-related events, material losses, damage, etc. arising from the specificity of the Exhibition and the failure to follow the rules defined herein or instructions issued by the Exhibition staff.
  22. If any Visitor behaves improperly when visiting the Exhibition, disturbing other Visitors or threatening safety of persons or property, the Exhibition staff have a right to ask such an Visitor to leave the Exhibition or detain the Visitor to hand him/her over to the Police.
  23. Visitors understand and agree that the exhibits and the Exhibition gear and equipment constitute a property of significant value within the meaning of Article 115 § 5 of the Penal Code or a property of great value pursuant to Article 115 § 6 of the Penal Code. Therefore any damage, destruction or wilful taking shall result in the perpetrator’s civil liability (monetary compensation) and tightened criminal liability envisaged for causing significant damage or loss.
  24. Complaints shall be submitted to the Organizer only in writing to the following address: FUNDACJA I LOVE STAGE, Complaints Department, ul. Wasiutyńskiego 3,
    00-707 Warsaw. The complaint shall contain the complainant’s mail address and
    a statement concerning the actual circumstances which constitute a basis for the complaint. The complainant shall also present any proofs to support the complaint and indicate what he/she demands, in the event if the complaint is acknowledged. In case of monetary claims, a Visitor will be asked to provide his/her bank account number to which the amount satisfying the claim will be paid. The complaint shall also be accompanied with copies of the entrance tickets, which the complaint concerns, and
    a copy of the proof of the ticket purchase. The complaint should be signed in person by the complainer. If a complaint does not meet the aforementioned requirements, it may not be processed. The Organizer will reply to a properly submitted complaint within
    a statutory time limit.

We request all the visitors to behave in a quiet and cultured way, and not to disturb other visitors. In this manner the visitors will show their respect towards persons who have agreed to use their bodies for academic purposes, and thanks to whom this Exhibition could be created. Thank you for your understanding.


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